Comparing The Ridgid & Shop Vac

Dirt and residues are generated in many DIY activities like carpentry and painting. Dust accumulates over a period of time in homes, offices, vehicles, and locked sheds.

Cleaning manually can be time consuming and tiring, so many people prefer to use a vacuum cleaner since it is more effective in removing all the unwanted dirt and dust.

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners available on the market. The price, features, and guarantees are some of the considerations to take into account when purchasing.

Ridgid vs. Shop-Vac

Ridgid and Shop-Vac are some of the most popular brands of vacuum cleaners available.

This article will compare these two types of cleaners so that buyers can make the right choice for them. Let's get into it...



  • A newer brand of vacuum cleaners that is less expensive compared to other vacuum cleaners
  • Has a longer power supply cord, so it can be used for cleaning areas which are further away from the power supply source
  • The object has a lower centre of gravity and is more stable - unlikely to topple when handled roughly
  • Only available in a limited number of stores
  • No loss of suction in the Ridgid cleaner, even when it is nearly full of dust and other material
  • Lifetime guarantee offered on the appliance
  • Can be moved easily from one place to another
  • Quickly and effectively cleans carpets and floor mats in only one or two passes
  • The hose diameter is usually larger than the Shop-Vac


  • Available with different filter media, suitable for cleaning more material
  • More accessories available for the Shop-Vac, allowing the appliance to be used for more applications
  • One of the oldest brands of vacuum cleaners in the country, with a track record of good quality and effective cleaning
  • Easily available at a large number of retailers 
  • Good suction power and blowing capacity 
  • Higher power rating compared to a comparable Ridgid
  • Good quality product, can be easily repaired and used for decades in many cases

While the features may vary for each model, most of the differences between the Ridgid and Shop-Vac vacuum cleaner brands are summarized above.

It's now up to you to determine which choice is better for you. Good luck!