Some Ways On How To Finish Pecky Cypress

Pecky cypress might be new terminology to anyone who has no interest in the different types of woods that nature offers.

Well, it's essentially cypress that has suffered from a fungus attack and developed many holes. Often it takes a long rectangular shape, and it also enjoys versatility in application.


You could use it for different things including tables, ceilings, doors and the like.

Due to this holes in the wood surface, it is ideal to finish it before use, perhaps to take some of the sharpess out of the edges of the holes. 

How to finish pecky cypress is something many people have asked me about. Because of the texture of the wood, it might not be obvious what you should do differently than with some other type of wood.

Generally, there are a several different ways of effectively sealing the holes and other rough surfaces of pecky cypress, although pecky cypress can go just fine without any finishing.

This video reveals a way to enhance pecky cypress:

If you want to finish your pecky cypress, have a look at the methods below and their details:

Best Ways To Finish Pecky Cypress 

  • Use wax. 
  • Use oil and a sealer.
  • Apply satin polyurethane.
  • Do smoothening.

Wax: wax works well in filling the holes. Later, you may decide to paint it to cover up its look.

Oil and Sealer: The use of oil and sealer works well for smaller surfaces like tables. A good example is a common polyurethane sealer.

Satin Polyurethane: Two coats are ideal. Don't apply too much.

Smoothening: Smoothening can also be very helpful for finishing pecky cypress. Ideally, it involves the use of simple materials like sandpaper to remove the feelable grains. 

Given the above methods of caring for pecky cypress, which work well for any size, look or use, you ought not to worry the next time you acquire a bizarre piece of cypress in your site or project.

I wish you luck with your finishing project.